AMT GT887AV / 390H – Tire Changer

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Tire Changer – Safety being first is our designing concept. The protection of tire and rim , is not only a modern interpretation of the safe concept, but also much easier and more practical. Redefine the safe pursuit of tire services through modern design.


  • Standardly equipped with 80mm diameter small cylinder in working table , the clamping force increases 58kg than the 75mm.The rim can be held firmly and assure no rim damage.
  • Standardly equipped with spacer, which meets the CE requirement and protects the operator during mounting and demounting.
  • The Italian-design pedal assembly has ergonomic structure, sealing performance is stable, appearance updated, unified brand image.
  • Double-bending column is made of steel plate with 5mm thickness, high robustness.
  • Adopted special parkerising technique cylinder, avoid the cylinder rust , increasing service life.
  • Adopted diameter 55mm horizontal shaft , the lengthened hex bar sleeve makes the machine more intensive.
  • Optional equipped with AL390 assist arm which adopted tire pressing block for the rim centering, easy and convenient operate. Enhancing the efficiency in mounting and demounting. Optional equipped tire lifter SR69 , labor saving.


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