AMT CB75 – Wheel Balancer

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Wheel Balancer – Small body with huge function, large 19 inch LCD monitor with lively image, two values automatically input, pedal break function which ensure the position more accurate. Laser light indicates at six o?clock position to stick the weight, conform to ergonomics. Classics comes from discovery.


  • The machine has Italian software, user-friendly.
  • Automatic acquisition of diameter, distance . The machine has 5 ALU balancingprograms and 2 ALU smart balancing programs.
  • The machine also has optimization function and weight split function.
  • The diameter of balancing shaft is 40mm so it can work with standard accessories.
  • The machine has motorcycle balancing programs, it can balance various motorcycle wheels.
  • The calibration is easy to proceed, the machine can quickly get back its precision.
  • The machines can be optionally equipped with motorcycle adaptor.
  • The machine is equipped with 19″ LCD monitor.
  • The machine will go into stand-by when it is not being used for a certain time.
  • LED illuminator for easy and clear operation.
  • Six o?clock weight placement mode, with laser indicating line, fast and convenient.


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