AMT 610 – Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift

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  • Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift Design in accordance with EU standard, high quality super-thick steel.
  • High-Performed durable hydraulic cylinders composed by double pressure seals.
  • Sync. hydraulic block ensure High-Performed synchronization.
  • Air cylinder operate locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release system ensure safety.
  • Cable remote control for any vantage point operation. (Low voltage)
  • Front turn-table recesses and rear sliding plates for 4-wheel alignment operation.
  • It can be installed in ground or on ground.
  • Hydraulic two-level 2-ton scissor jack. (OPTION)
  • Scissor jack extendible service for more vehicles 115% dynamic and 150% static loading test.
  • Has CE Certification


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