AMT CB67 – Wheel Balancer

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Inheriting the streamlined appearance of CB68 Wheel Balancer, measuring the two value tire parameters automatically, switching ?STD? and ?ASL2? balance modes intelligently without any manual operation to choose the model of balance, pedal brake to make sure the higher accuracy of positioning, equipped with lighting system, cannot operate during darkness? Tell you what, nothing is impossible.


  • The machine has Italian software, user-friendly.
  • Manual acquisition of diameter, distance and width. The machine has 5 ALU balancing programs and 2 ALU smart balancing programs.
  • The machine also has optimization function and weight split function.
  • The diameter of balancing shaft is 40mm so it can work with standard accessories.
  • The machines can be optionally equipped with motorcycle adaptor. The calibration is easy to proceed, the machine can quickly get back its precision.
  • LED display
  • The machine will go into stand-by when it is not being used for a certain time.
  • Intelligent toggle of STD and ALS2 balance modes.(SMART ARM)


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