AMT – Smart N2 – Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

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Advanced PSA Technology for Tyres that is extra Smart / Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

The all new AMT Nitrogen Tyre Inflator ? Smart N2 for cars and light weight vehicles features innovative Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology. It is a highly accurate and reliable product that employs standard compressed air supply to produce a Nitorgen enriched mixture of purity greater than 99%, ensuring a longer life for the car’s tyres and enhanced driver safety.


  • Inbuilt Nitrogen storage tank
  • Nitrogen purity: 96-99% highly accurate pressure reading
  • Records the last successful filled set pressure
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and error reporting
  • Retains the history of the number of tyres inflated
  • Audio and visual indication at the end of inflation/deflation cycle: audible buzzer
  • Mutiple safety control circuits embedded in the system for high level of customer safety
  • Availability of both direct and digital ports for filling of tyres
  • Two tyres can be inflated/deflated simultaneously
  • Auto/manual shut-off to save energy after nitrogen generation
  • Nitrogen conversion can be undertaken simultaneously for two tyres at the press of a button
  • Vacumming (optional)
  • Auto function: using this button user can automatically vacuum & inflate Nitrogen Gas in first time users


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